Facel vega

JustinBanks & Facel Vega

I have always been fascinated by the history and myth of the Facel Vega marque. Growing up was a constant search for information and rare sightings. Something about the syle of the cars and of the companies founder, Jean Daninos, struck a chord with me and the wonderful list of fomer owners helped with the mystique.

All this combined with the relatively obscurity of the marque at the start of the century enabled me to buy and sell many examples over the last twenty years, I have owned examples of all the models, many bought to re-sell but many kept in my own private Facel Vega Collection. I have a particular fondness for the UK Right Hand Drive supplied models, being harder to find and easier to live with in the UK.

I always have 5 or 6 in my private collection in addition to any models I am currently advertising for sale, so it is always worth a call if you are looking for anything in particular. I normally have a RHD Facel II, RHD Excellence, RHD Facelllia Convertible and RHD Facelilia Coupe available, the earlier models and HK500's are easier to find and are normally readily available

Simply by buying and selling more than anyone else in recent times and being in touch with all the clubs has made me the go to guy for this particular marque.