2016 Meyers Manx 50th Anniv Beach Buggy - £27,495

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This is 2016 Meyers Manx 50th Anniversary Beach Buggy finished in lime green with a light grey interior. The clock shows 45,000 miles.

Widely considered the first and greatest Beach Buggy, the Meyers Manx brought a new dimension to the off-road racing world, conquering the desert and challenging terrains of South America, beating bikes, trucks and everything in between and going on to win the famous Mexican 1000. The unique vehicle's popularity grew further as road legal variants soon became the cool, affordable, must have motor for coast loving characters. 

This immaculate 50th Anniversary Manx Classic, is one of 50 bodies produced by Meyers Manx to celebrate this remarkable anniversary. Built by leading buggy specialists Flatlands Engineering in 2016 using a brand new kit from Meyers, plus a specially built VW 1,641cc single port engine that has covered just over 200 miles since build completion. It has on record 8 owners but that ownership relates to the chassis’s life as a VW Beetle. In its current form only one owner, the enthusiast who commissioned the build, has had the privilege to call this theirs.

Finished in lime green, this beach buggy offers traffic stopping looks and is presented in show-winning condition. This thing is wonderfully absurd. It may be a car without a lot of things – for example doors, airbags and a radio – but its unquestionable uniqueness puts it in a class all of its own. 

The car has been used very little and, as such, the condition is like new. Large wheels with huge all-weather tyres give the buggy its familiar, stocky stance and the loud lime green paintwork suits the character of the car perfectly. No wonder the car was a prize winner at the 2016 Volksworld show, it is in sublime order. 

A few invoices are present, including for a fuel filler cap modification which replaces the larger cap with a more streamlined variant. The V5c is present and correct with the vehicle description accurately updated to ‘VW Beach Buggy’.

Inside the Manx things are as you would expect them to be, minimal yet stylish. Four seats finished in a tidy combination of PVC and fabric are unsurprisingly all like new, with no signs of wear or tear from the 200 miles covered in the past six years. A chrome roll bar is positioned between the front and rear seats, a stylish reminder that these things are built to tackle inhospitable terrains. An oversized steering wheel, gear shifter and handbrake, finished in white, add a splash of sixties flare. The dash has been modified ever so slightly to include an oil temperature and fuel gauge, which are positioned either side of the much larger speedo. Useful and practical additions that make the vehicle easier to live with day-to-day.

On request the 1.6-litre single port engine fires up, emitting an incredible roar and idling consistently. The engine was installed by Flatlands Engineering when the car was converted from standard Beetle to prize-winning Beach Buggy. As you can clearly see, the engine is positioned at the rear, shrouded only by that beautifully engineered exhaust system. Very few miles have been covered since the build, and the current owner reports no mechanical issues. 

This is a fine example of the iconic Beach Buggy that took the world by storm. Its unmistakable appearance and incredible noise combine to create a car with unmatched character and a personality all of its own. We can't think of many better ways to enjoy the summer sun than this. So grab your board and your shorts – the beach is calling and the Meyers Manx Beach Buggy is the perfect companion.