2007 Audi S4 Cabriolet - £11,995

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This is a very rare car, and especially rare considering the extremely low mileage. It is a 2007 Audi S4 Cabriolet finished in Metallic Black with Black Leather. Our car has a Full Service History and has only covered 34k Miles from new. These cars are built to be used and it is almost unrepeatable to find one with this mileage. Our car is Manual, has Sat Nav, Climate Control, and many other options.

Some people, I suspect, will find the new Audi S4 Cabriolet completely irresistible. No need to scratch around in the dust for reasons, the first is staring us in the face: it’s beautiful. Best-looking A4, best-looking cabrio in its class. End of argument. The M3 Cabriolet drivers clicking their knuckles in the corner might at least consider conceding the beauty contest with good grace.

Second, the hood’s terrific – taut, low on wind noise at speed and wonderfully engineered. Maybe not the fastest one-button folder in town, but oh-so precise, elegant and quiet. Another excuse, in fact, for Audi to indulge its greatest skill – the intense expression of material and build quality.

Three, the engine spec’s a jaw-dropper: 4.2 litres, eight cylinders, 40 valves, 339bhp at 7000rpm, 302lb ft of torque at 3500rpm, all contained within a lump that’s remarkably compact and light (150kg) and looks rather magnificent when you lift the bonnet.

And four, the quattro four-wheel drive and lightweight aluminium underpinnings deploy all that naturally aspirated big-cube ambition with unflappable confidence wet or dry. No heroes required.Pretty much the S4 saloon’s portfolio, then, and Audi has left no area unexamined to ensure all that car’s Teflon-coated virtues are in place for the drop-top. Plus, you can enjoy the V8’s creamy burble bathing the open cabin with a stiff breeze coursing through your hair. www.Autocar.co.uk

Our car is in the perfect condition, with the perfect spec, in the perfect colours, it has the perfect mileage and is available at the perfect price, be quick, this cant be repeated.