2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1 RHD - £72,995

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This is about as perfect a Ferrari as you will find, it is a 2002 Ferrari 360 Spider F1, UK Supplied RHD, 39k Miles, FSH and in perfect condition, all books and manuals. It was sold new in 2002 by MHT Ferrari to its first owner in Swansea and has only had 2 owners since then. It is finished in the perfect Rosso Corsa with Beige Interior. It was purchased by its previous owner in 2015 from the main dealer JCT600, which tells you the quality of the car today.

By starting with a clean sheet of paper in designing the 360 Modena, Ferrari and its partner, Pininfarina, succeeded in surpassing the acclaimed F355, the new car attracting superlatives that put even its illustrious predecessor in the shade.

Just about the only item carried over from the F355 was its glorious V8 engine, enlarged from 3.5 to 3.6 litres for the 360 and producing 400bhp. Unlike the F355's transverse unit, the 360's six-speed gearbox was mounted longitudinally behind the engine, and could be ordered with an improved version of the F1-inspired paddle-operated gearshift pioneered on the F355.

In every other respect the 360 was entirely new, the most striking break with Ferrari tradition being the body's frontal treatment: gone was the omnipresent oval grille, replaced by two separate intakes set low into the front fenders. A larger car than the F355, the 360 owed its radical new shape to the quest for increased downforce. Additionally, the 360 saw the introduction of Ferrari's now trademark transparent engine cover, showcasing that beautiful V8 and its red-painted cam covers.

There was further innovation beneath the skin – a lighter and stiffer aluminium chassis replacing the F355's steel framework. This increased stiffness was considered vital for the open Spider version. The extensive use of aluminium meant that, despite its increased size, the 360 weighed around 100kg less than the F355. On the Spider version, the top folds out of sight in a mere 20 seconds, leaving the lines of the beautiful Pininfarina body unobstructed.

Another important change was the introduction of a removable panel between the passenger compartment and engine bay; combined with the location of the 360's timing belt at the front of the engine, this meant that belt changes could be completed with the engine in situ, dramatically reducing service costs.

Although it was more powerful (by 20bhp) than its predecessor, the only straight-line performance increase claimed for the 360 was a marginal reduction in the 0-100km/h time to 5.0 seconds, top speed being unchanged at around 280km/h. Nevertheless, the 360's on-the-road dynamics constituted a significant advance, its best time around Ferrari's Fiorano test track being some three seconds faster than the F355's

This car has an amazing comprehensive history, is in the perfect colours and specification, has the challenge grille, with the original supplied, and is ready for its next proud owner. It needs nothing.