2000 Aston Martin DB 7 V12 Vantage- £19,995

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This is becoming a very rare car, being a factory Manual version, this is the one everyone wants and is sure to be a future classic. It has covered 140k Miles from new but has been serviced continuously with over 29 Stamps in the Service Books and a huge comprehensive history from new. It was last serviced 100 miles ago at Aston Works Service and is ready for its next adventure. This is supercar performance and looks for the price of a nice MGB!

Introduced in March 1999, the DB7 Vantage was an exciting new model powered by a state-of-the-art, all-alloy V12 engine - a 'first' for a production Aston Martin. It was based on the existing six-cylinder DB7 that had signalled the start of a new era for the marque on its arrival in 1994. It was the company's 1987 acquisition by Ford that ensured the future of Aston Martin, and the former's takeover of Jaguar two years later which made possible the revival of the DB line, dormant since the end of DB6 production in 1970. Jaguar's axed XJ-S replacement - the XJ41 - was deemed more suitable as an 'entry level' Aston Martin, and work on the project commenced towards the end of 1991, responsibility for the final design being given to Tom Walkinshaw's JaguarSport company. Brilliantly styled by Ian Callum in a manner reminiscent of the traditional Aston Martin, the body was notable for employing numerous composite-material panels in its construction. The chosen engine was a 3.2-litre version of the twin-cam, four-valves-per-cylinder AJ-6 unit that had replaced the venerable XK in Jaguar's saloon range. This was endowed with a suitable power output courtesy of a water-cooled Eaton supercharger. The result was 335bhp and a top speed of 160mph, a performance that put the DB7 on a par with rivals such as the Mercedes-Benz 500SL and Porsche 928.

With the introduction of the DB7 Vantage, Aston Martin once again had a model that could compete in the supercar league. Its 6.0-litre, quad-cam, 48-valve unit produced 420bhp and 400lb/ft of torque while meeting all current and projected emissions regulations. There was a choice of two alternative transmissions: a new six-speed manual or ZF five-speed automatic with manually selectable ratios. A top speed of 185mph was claimed for the Vantage coupé, making it one of the fastest Aston Martin production cars ever built. The existing six-cylinder DB7 bodyshell was re-engineered to accommodate the new V12 engine/transmission package, resulting in a stiffer structure exceeding all contemporary crash test requirements, while the suspension was developed specifically for this new model. The 15" diameter wheels too were unique to the Vantage, which also featured cross-drilled and ventilated Brembo brakes equipped with ABS.

Notwithstanding all the DB7 Vantage's high-tech attributes, its makers had not lost sight of customer expectations of what constituted an Aston Martin. Thus the Vantage's hand-crafted interior featured traditional Connolly hide upholstery and could be trimmed and equipped to individual customer requirements. All the usual luxury fittings came as standard, while clients could choose from an extensive list of options.

Costing a fraction under £96,000 when new, this DB7 Vantage has the rare and desirable manual transmission option. It was delivered new in Stornaway Silver with Charcoal Leather and Factory Carbon Fibre Veneers. Grange Aston Martin in Welwyn were the supplying dealer and the car has had 5 owners from new, the last for nearly 10 years. It drives beautifully and ticks every box to be an instant Classic. This is quite simply the best value V12 Vantage available anywhere in the current market.