1997 Bentley Turbo R LWB - £9,995

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This has got to be the best value luxury motoring on the planet. it is a late 1997/P Bentley Turbo R LWB, finished in Diamond Graphite with Magnolia Leather interior, the most beautiful and modern combination. She has covered 93k Miles from new with a full and comprehensive service history from new. She is driving beautifully and I am using her daily at the moment!

Introduced at Geneva in 1985, the Turbo R continued the modern ‘Blower Bentley’ theme, but with the added refinement of suspension better suited to the car’s increased performance. Bentley’s much-improved sports saloon was greeted with approval by Autocar magazine. ‘There was a time, not so long ago, when Bentley played a faint second fiddle to Rolls-Royce. That is no longer the case. Rolls-Royce’s management now recognises the value of the Bentley name and tradition and has developed the image - along with the sales - to take advantage. In a terribly upmarket way, Bentley is now the enthusiast, high performance partner, and never more so than in the turbo-charged Bentley R.’ Outwardly the R differed from the preceding Mulsanne Turbo by virtue of its cast-alloy wheels shod with low-profile Pirelli tyres, while inside there was a revised fascia with rev-counter included amongst the comprehensive instrumentation. In a break with Rolls-Royce tradition, power figures were made public, revealing that the engine produced a 320bhp and a staggering 475lb/ft of torque. Few cars were - or are - better suited to fast long-distance touring. Our long-wheelbase Turbo R dates from the final year of production and thus represents the model in its ultimate form, incorporating all the many chassis improvements and styling/equipment upgrades. Newly introduced for the 1996 model year, these final generation Turbo Rs were fitted with a Cosworth-developed Zytec engine management system, and like the contemporary Continental R and Azure had a staggering 385bhp on tap. The UK list price was an equally breathtaking £137,755.

Our car was first registered on the 27th March 1997 and has only had 4 owners in total, the previous for around 7 years. We have an invoice on file when the car was supplied by Hunt & Keal to a previous owner in 2003. We have a wonderful history showing in the region of £17,000 being spent in upkeep by the previous owner since 2013 only! The last service was carried out in July 2019 by Hoffmans of Henley. We have every invoice since 2013, and there are a lot, and the original service book has 12 stamps up until 2008. The mileage is correct at 93k from new but with the servicing carried out, she drives like a much lower mileage example. There are a couple or areas where you can see light corrosion, such as the bootlid badge and by the rear door handles and the Magnolia seats are wonderful but would benefit from a light connolising. Please be quick at the asking price, it is not a mistake, and this is a 1997 car not a 1987 car.