1996 TVR Chimaera - £11,995

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This is a 1996 TVR Chimaera RHD finished in Ruby Mica Pearl with a doeskin cream leather interior. The clock shows 63,000 miles.

In 1992 TVR launched the Chimaera, named after the beast of Greek mythology, famed for being created from many different body parts. This was perhaps a sly pun from the Blackpool based manufacturer as the Chimaera utilised many parts from its sister car the Griffith, a mash up of sorts. The Chimaera’s market focus was to be the long-distance tourer for the brand and as such had a longer body with a bigger boot, to fit your luggage in, as well as softer suspension with double wishbones all round for a comfier ride.

The Chimaera is cited to be the most prolific model for the brand, improving upon the known faults from the Griffith which came to light from its long-term owners. The Chimaera has a reputation for being practical and usable due to its touring focus over its predecessor. Designed by TVR boss Peter Wheeler, John Ravenscroft and German Pointer ‘Ned’ who, amusingly remembered in the TVR marketing, mistook the polystyrene model for a juicy bone, creating the recess which now holds the front indicators.

This is the Serpentine 4.0 litre version, is in remarkable condition and has Power Assisted Steering fitted. This car was an ex-Hexham Horseless Carriages demonstrator and then the personal car of the Yorkshire TVRCC chairman. The paint and exterior are in excellent condition as is the interior despite some very light wear to the leather seats. 

Features of the car include power assisted steering, Cosworth brakes, rose jointed suspension, full ACT cooling system and silicon hoses, leads etc and has a new water pump, alternator and tyres recently completed plus a service and oil change in 2021 (the car has covered minimal miles since).

Inside, the car benefits from the Leven kit interior, stainless bolts and fixings and the carpets are clean and in great condition, The hood presents well and works as it should.

The car has an extensive service history with 13 stamps in the book from TVR specialists, as well as a file of invoices and receipts for work done to the car previously. She comes with 2 sets of keys, a metal carry case containing the paperwork, a cover for the removable section of the roof and a tool bag.

A fabulous, well looked after example in great condition ready for a new owner.