1996 Bentley Brooklands Turbo - £14,995

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This is an awful lot of car for the money, it is a 1996 Bentley Brooklands Turbo, with a nice low mileage of 64k, and finished in the perfect colours of Peacock Blue with Parchment Leather interior. The car has a nice service history, low owners, and is ready for its next owner!

The renaissance of the Bentley brand started with the Mulsanne of 1980. It was named after the famous straight at Le Mans - the scene of five classic Bentley victories in the vintage years. In 1992, the Mulsanne (and Bentley Eight) were replaced by the Brooklands that, continuing the motorsport theme, took its title from the awesome banked British circuit that also saw many a Bentley triumph prior to WWII. The newcomer was intended as a more affordable alternative to the mighty Turbo R, and featured basically the same overall styling, sporting underpinnings and well-proven 6.75-litre V8 engine; the obvious difference being that it was initially normally aspirated.

The exterior featured Bentley's classic waterfall radiator grille, dual headlight and chromed 'B' pillars, while the interior cosseted its occupants with the expected level of leather, wood trim and deep pile Wilton carpets. The model benefited from micro-computer technology controlling such functions as its air suspension, instrument displays and air-conditioning. Some 1,380 Bentley Brooklands were produced by the time the model gave way to the Arnage in 1998.

Finished in Peacock Blue with contrasting Parchment hide interior this car is a lesson in just how attractive these later generation Bentley cars were when new. The doors hang just as they did when the car rolled off the production line. Body panels are straight and dent free, while the superb paintwork has a deep mirror like finish throughout. The car has only had 3 previous owners from new with the last having her for the last 13 years, A pre-intercooler 1997 Turbo model, this Bentley has that majestic aura that only a Bentley can command. The car is recorded in the history file as first supplied through Dutton-Forshaw of Preston. A period Motorola telephone is fitted in the centre console, illustrating its sophisticated first owners' tastes and stature. With more than £12,500 in invoices for consistent and painstaking maintenance work, from marque experts Broughtons, and Specialist Cars of Exeter, detailed in the car's history from 2009 to 2016, all under the custodianship of one owner, based in Devon. These works include cutting out and replacing any corrosion and repainting minor areas, and undersealing, the all-important overhaul of the braking and hydraulic systems, replacing suspension bushes and other components as necessary, as well as routine engine and transmission maintenance and tuning. Its usage on the gentle roads of the West country is evident in its all-round excellent order and this Bentley will reward its new owner with that indefinable feeling of well-being and quality, whilst reserving a very spirited turn of speed from its 6.75-litre turbocharged power plant.

The V8 engine fires up immediately and soon settles down to an even idle. Putting the gear selector into drive, the take up is immediate but free of snatching. Once on the move, up changes are smooth and quick and it's the same when the auto boxes drops down the cogs. Steering is light but has a good feel to make it easy to negotiate the narrowest streets, while the ride is supple and soaks up the bumps easily, although a big car cornering is reported to be 'first class'. This Bentley is totally standard and just as it left the factory meaning this is a properly sorted example. Open the door and you'll be amazed by the condition of this Bentleys interior, this is a real gentleman's interior with lashings of leather and wood that shouts quality. The wood is in beautiful condition, as are the seat faces and door cards. The carpet is also in very fine order, all switches and gauges are reported to work perfectly. Driving well this car ticks every box for a classic Bentley and is ready for an amazing price!