1994 Mercedes-Benz E280 Estate - £3,995

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This is a 1994 Mercedes-Benz E280 estate with manual transmission finished in metallic bronze with beige interior.

The car was owned by it's previous owner since 2012, and has been serviced on an annual basis. The Mercedes service book with lots of Mercedes-Benz dealer stamps is included in the vehicles document file. The mileage shown is 121,274, which is incorrect as the milometer stopped in 2013, the estimated mileage would be 160,000. In 2015 there was a substantial renovation and overhaul of the underbody components at a cost of almost £3,000.

This is a rare car; it was a top of the range model with a manual gearbox, while the majority of Mercedes Estates produced were automatic. The the car drives well, and the 6 cylinder engine gives very smooth power delivery. The car has an MOT to November 2022 and is ready for a new owner to enjoy.