1994 Bentley Continental R - £32,995

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This is a 1994 Bentley Continental R RHD finished in Silver with a dark blue leather interior and 55,000 miles on the clock.


A Bentley like never before, the Continental R might’ve shared its name with a revered model from the past, but it broke a few of the recent Bentley traditions from the time. For instance, it was the first model in a long time with which Bentley opted for a two-door layout. It was also the first Bentley since the mid-20th century to not have a body shared with any Rolls Royce car. For a car whose production lasted more than a decade, the Bentley Continental R didn’t fall short on rarity, either, with only 1236 examples (in the Continental R spec) produced. It was based on the Turbo R, so the innate ability to gobble up miles without showing any restraint was pretty much there, too.


Launched at nearly £180,000 in 1991, the Continental R was the most expensive production car of its time, and it certainly makes modern Bentleys seem like a bargain. That’s still a lot of money, even before you calculate inflation. The good part is that if you’re lucky to find a good example like the one we have here, you won’t need to spend anywhere close to that much for it.


This beautiful example was supplied by Chellingworth Bentley dealers in Australia and was subsequently imported to this country in 1998. It was originally finished in white which has been changed to a more subtle silver upon its return to the UK- the speedometer now showing approx 55,920 miles. The interior is upholstered in dark blue leather with walnut dashboard and door cappings. The car benefits from an Alpine touch-screen navigation and entertainment system and many other modern conveniences that were miles ahead of the times in 1994!


The mileage is supported with an extensive service history with twenty two bills from Balmoral UK and Harvey Wash Ltd Bentley Specialists covering the last 24 years. The car passed an MoT in March of 2022 with no advisories. Supplied with a V5 and extensive documentation- a very attractive and fast Classic thoroughbred.