1992 Peugeot 205 CTi Cabriolet - £14,995

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This is truly a time warp machine, a 1992 Peugeot 205 CTi with 9400 warranted miles. This car offers wind in your hair motoring and classic hot hatch handling prowess. I for one cannot imagine a better value way to relive the 90s.

Although Volkswagen can claim to have created the 'Hot Hatch' category with the Golf GTi of 1975 - though there had been a few earlier variations on the theme - by the early 1980s almost every major European manufacturer had one in their range. Peugeot were relative latecomers to this emerging market sector, introducing the 205 GTi in 1984. At first the 1.6-litre made do with a relatively modest 105bhp, though this was increased to 115bhp in 1986. Top speed of the '1.6' was around 122mph, with 0-100km/h (62mph) achievable in 9.1 seconds.

This is the one to have: 1,600cc engine, 'Pepper Pot' alloy wheels, electric roof, and no power assistance for the steering. The car has been garage stored for a substantial part of its life, and the original paintwork remains in outstanding condition. The Pininfarina styled body is in great shape with a look under the wheel-arches revealing not a spec of dirt. The interior is all original, with only minor wear present. The carpets again are a vivid red with the folding roof in fantastic condition also. Electrics work very well the roof retracts with no complaint and the electric windows are smooth and fast. The car runs and drives very well, starting on the first turn of the key. 

Purchased new on 4th February 1992 from Southport 2000, this 1.6-litre 205 CTi has covered only 9,400 miles of what can only be described as light use, judging by the as new interior. There are old MoTs present to warrant the mileage. The car also comes with its original book pack, V5C document, and 12 months MoT. Kept in storage for most of its life this 205 Cti is outstandingly original. The car has spent the last 10 years residing in Spain and returned in 2014, only covering 2000 miles in this time.

Surviving 'Hot Hatches' of the 1980s and 90s are both rare and highly collectible with many having been revved to oblivion or pressed in hard daily use; this remarkable Peugeot 205 CTi with only Peugeot UK and 1 other owner listed on the log book, represents a possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire a low-mileage and unmolested icon of the hot hatch world.