1989 Westfield SEi Sports - £7,995

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This is a 1989 Westfield SEi Sports finished in orange with a black interior and has 22,104 miles on the clock.

Continuing the concept of a basic road/competition car for the enthusiast established successfully by the Mark VI, Lotus's most enduring model - the Seven - arrived in 1957 and, much developed and modified, continues in production today courtesy of Caterham Cars. Moving up-market, Lotus ceased manufacturing the Seven themselves in 1973, but the idea was too good to waste and production was officially continued by Caterham. Other manufacturers shared this enthusiasm for the Seven, Westfield included, a situation that led to Caterham's successful court action against them in 1987. Tooling for the SE model was removed and Westfield were forced to come up with a new design - the SEi - that was sufficiently different from Caterham's to avoid further litigation.

This SEi has been authenticated by Westfield Sportscars as built in November 1989. As an SEi it features independent rear suspension and a rare aluminium axle. Believed to been built as a road/race car, it has never been registered, its use being confined to track days and hill climbs. The 1.8-litre Ford Duratec engine incorporates '130' cams and breathes via twin Weber carburettors, while the gearbox is a five-speed unit. Rebuilt in 2019, this Westfield is in very good condition, ready to resume its motor sport career or for road registration. Few four-wheeled vehicles are more fun than one of these fast and exciting Westfields.