1988 Ferrari 412 Auto - £29,995

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This is simply the coolest and most underrated car availabe today, it is a 1988 Ferrari 412 Auto. Our car is a UK RHD example finished in Blue Chiaro and Cream Leather, she has covered 105k Miles from new with a FSH and has just had £11,000 spent on her in recomissioning. She drives great, is a little scruffy in places, and is ready for her next owner,

This 1988 Ferrari 412 Automatic is an elegant and practical grand tourer, nad ready to use and improve. Equipped with a fuel-injected 4.9-litre V12 engine that starts and runs smoothly, it is paired with a three-speed automatic transmission. It has covered 105,517 miles from new. This example is a right-hand-drive model that was first registered in April 1998 by its first owner, a professor from Glasgow, who took delivery of the car via H.R. Owen. The 412 was the flagship Ferrari GT of its era, and only a relatively small number were built. It was also notable for being the first road-going Ferrari equipped with Bosch ABS braking as standard. This car is understood to be one of just 85 right-hand-drive examples.

Its original Blu Chiaro paintwork is in scruffy condition, with chips along the nose, as well as in the door gaps. There are also numerous scratches and scuffs to the offside wings and to the nearside body panels, and there is some corrosion visible on the nose. A semi-circular crack is present on the driver’s side of the windscreen, although it is not obscuring the field of view. While there is a good deal of cosmetic work needed to improve the car, the chassis and suspension are in sound condition. The original Connolly leather is in fair condition. The seats have some surface cracks and creases, and would benefit from a thorough feeding, but are in generally good order. There are some scratches to the passenger side door card, minor marks on the carpeting in the cabin and the boot, and some rippling and shrinking of the blue leather on the dashboard.

Mechanically, the car is reported to be in very good order. The car has an extensive service history from Ferrari main dealers from 1989 to 2003, after which it was stored and barely driven. After many years of being off the road, the previous owner requested specialist Bell Sport and Classic to carry out extensive mechanical works to improve its condition (invoices for works totaling some £11,000 are available in the car’s history file). While the styling often splits opinion, the 400/412 design was a favourite of renowned motoring journalist L.J.K. Setright. Writing in CAR magazine in period, he described it as “one of the few most beautiful, and one of the two most elegant, bodies ever to leave the lead of Pininfarina’s pencilling vision”.  Accompanied by its book pack, a toolkit and an extensive history file, this Ferrari 412 is a well-documented car that is ripe for a refurbishment back to its former glory. It is a useable modern classic as it stands but deserves some investment — particularly in its cosmetic condition — by a new owner to bring it up to an admirable standard.

Summary of service history:

6 March 1989 – 4,760mi, 21 March 1990 – 8,560mi, 1 Nov 1991 – 13,555mi, 29 April 1992 – 14,542mi, 24 Oct 1992- 18,414mi,

5 Oct 1993 –21,435mi, 20 Jan 1994 – 29,474mi, 10 June 1994 – 36,687mi, 27 Jan 1995 – 45,297mi, 20 Sept 1997 – 72,572mi, 27 Jan 1999 – 85,633mi, 16 Aug 1999 – 91,993mi, 9 Aug 2000 – 93,812mi, 24 March 2003 – 97,953mi, 5 Sep 2018 - 104,000.

So, in summary, this is the most useable and stylish Classic Ferrari, in the best colour scheme, ready for immediate use, with a recent £11k Service, and a Full comprehensive Service History, for about Half the price of most examples on sale. This is unrepeatable and will be snapped up in days, not weeks.