1986 Jaguar XJS 3.6 Coupe- £4,995

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This is a 1986 Jaguar XJS 3.6 Coupe RHD manual, finished in gold with a tan leather interior. The clock shows 73,000 miles.

Conceived as a comfortable and long-legged Grand Routier rather than an out-and-out sports car like the preceding E-Type, the XJ-S made use of the Jaguar XJ6/XJ12 platform and running gear. Shorter in the wheelbase than its saloon siblings, the XJ-S debuted as a V12-powered coupé, with six-cylinder and soft-top versions following in the 1980s. The car's 150mph performance was not achieved without penalty however, its prodigious thirst causing sales to nosedive as oil prices soared. However, the arrival of the HE (High Efficiency) V12 in 1981 and the introduction of the smaller six - the XJ-S was the first model to receive Jaguar's new 3.6-litre AJ6 engine - enabled it to weather the storm. Autocar much appreciated the first all-new Jaguar six since 1948. 'It is the 24-valve engine's flexibility that impresses most. Such is its low-down pulling power that, in town and urban conditions, one rarely needs more than 2,000rpm to keep up with the traffic flow.' In manual transmission form the new 3.6-litre XJ-S was capable of reaching 137mph yet at a steady 56mph delivered 36 miles to the gallon, a massive improvement over the original 12-cylinder version. The XJ-S would go on to become Jaguar's best-selling sports car ever, well in excess of 115,000 being made up the time production ceased in April 1996.

This particular example is scruffy in the exterior detail as clearly shown in the photos. The interior presents nicely aside from a tear in the drivers seat. The car starts and drives fine and we believe she is mechanically sound. The history file contains many invoices (mostly between 2014 and 2021) for work done to maintain and improve the car as well as previous MoT certificates and service invoices. This car has had 9 previous owners and has an advisory free MoT which expires in July of 2022. 

This is a rare, manual, low mileage example in nice colours at a great price.