1980 Mercedes-Benz 250T Estate - £4,995

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This is a 1980 2525cc Mercedes‑Benz W123 250T RHD estate finished in orange. The interior is dark orange MB Tex interior and the clock is showing 96,000 miles.

At the 1977 International Automobile Exhibition in Frankfurt, the first-ever factory-built estate, S123, was introduced. The letter T in the model designation stood for Tourismus und Transport (Touring and Transport). Previous estates had been custom-built by the coachbuilders, namely Binz. S123 production began in April 1978 at Mercedes-Benz Bremen factory. All engines except the 2-litre version of the M115 were available in the range.

This car was starting and running recently but is offered as a restoration project. Three former registered keepers are recorded on the V5C and the car was registered in May 1980.  Although the exterior of the car is scruffy in the detail and has some rust issues (as clearly shown in the photos), the car is low mileage for its age and the interior presents really nicely. It also boasts 2 additional rear-facing seats  in the boot making this a 7 seater if needed.

The V5C is present, as is the book pack, although it only contains the European dealership guide. The car's last MoT expired in September 2018. This car is full of potential and needs returning to its former glory.