1979 Ferrari 308 GT4 - £44,995

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This is certainly the nicest 308 GT4 we have had and makes an elegant change to the many Red/Black cars out there. This is a 1979 Ferrari 308 GT4 finished in Silver with Blue Cloth/Leather Interior, she is a UK, Right Hand Drive car and has covered 71k Miles with the most comprehensive service history you will find and is certianly one of the best available today.

Ferrari's family of immensely successful V8 road cars began in 1973 with the 308GT4, a model badged until 1977 as a Dino, thereafter as a Ferrari. The Maranello factory's first V8-engined road car and first mid-engined 2+2, the 308GT4 was the work of Bertone rather than the customary Pininfarina. By placing the front seats well forward Bertone made room within the 100" wheelbase for two children or one sideways-seated adult in the rear, while the compact engine/transaxle package left space behind the engine bay for a 5cu ft luggage compartment.

Although the newcomer's wedge-shaped styling was controversial, the performance of its quad-cam 3.0-litre V8 did not disappoint, the latter's 255bhp (DIN) proving sufficient to propel the 308 past 150mph, with 60mph coming up in under 7 seconds. All-round independent suspension and a stiff chassis ensured that the handling was what one would expect from a Ferrari. Road & Track magazine was most impressed by the 308GT4's blend of speed and civility when they tested one in 1974. 'Apart from the performance, which you take for granted in a Ferrari, and the aforementioned remarkable flexibility of the engine, perhaps the most outstanding feature of the Dino 308 is the excellent ride it provides. The progress, compared to earlier Ferraris, is enormous.'

The car offered here, chassis 15046, was built in 1979 for the UK, and therefore, it is considerably more powerful than the US-market cars. It was originally delivered through Maranello Concessionaires in November 1979 to dealership Ian Anthony Sales in Manchester and finished in Argento Auteuil over a blue hide and cloth interior. The first owner was a Mr P. Bentwood, who took delivery on 16 November 1979. In 1984, the car was purchased by Mr Hardold Seward, who kept the car for 29 years and maintained it regardless of cost, with help from some of the most well-known and respected Ferrari specialists in the UK. Mr Seward’s time with the car is well documented, with several invoices and tax discs on file.

This Ferrari was then acquired by another well-respected collector in the UK before passing to previous owner in 2014. At which point the GT4 received a major service, which included work on the cambelts, fuel hoses, and various other items, from a London-based Ferrari dealer. The car was sold at RM Sotheby's in 2015 to Dick Lovett Ferrari Swindon where the previous owner purchased the car from. Needless to say I am offering the car at a marked saving on both purchase prices. But Dick Lovett, being a Ferrari Dealer speaks to the quality of this example. The history file for this car is incredible going back. Included is the original toolkit, jack and original cassette radio. The wheels are the correct size with Michelin tyres all round. The car is offered today with its original handbooks and a considerable history file, including many service and maintenance invoices from 1984 onwards.

The 308 GT4 was a turning point in Ferrari’s DNA, and its influence can still be seen today. A beautiful, well-documented GT4 such as this is rare, especially considering it is one of only 547 that was originally delivered to the UK. Please be quick at this price, the colours are elegant and beautiful and the condition is second to none.