1972 Ferrari 365 GTC/4 LHD - £199,995

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This is certainly one of the most undervalued and underappreciated models in the Ferrari Line up, it was sold at the same time as the Iconic Daytona and was improved in every aspect including Self Levelling suspension and Power Steering as standard.

Our car was sold new in 1972 by the Ferrari Dealer, Dino Ravasio & Figli of Verona, Italy. It was specified in the Stylish Marrone Colorado with Beige Leather but when restored later in its life it was changed to much more elegant Grigio with Black leather it wears today, the perfect colours for big V12 Ferraris.

Our car is Fully Matching Numbers and Classiched by the Factory with its Red Book here and present.

The car soon found its way to the UK and has sent most of its life here in the ownership of 5 collectors, there is a huge service history with the car with hundreds of invoices for service and restoration work by all the best UK specialists. It was supplied to the previous owner by the Ferrari Specialist, Joe Macari Specialist Cars, which gives you an idea of the pedigree of the car. The car is showing a believed genuine 77k KMs from new but we cannot verify this as correct.

A short-lived and rare model that bridged the gap between production of the 365GT 2+2 and 365GT4 2+2, the 365GTC/4 was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 1971. A contemporary of the awe-inspiring Daytona, the 365GTC/4 used a similar chassis and a wet-sump version of the former's 4,390cc four-cam V12 in a slightly lower - 320bhp - state of tune, which was coupled to a conventional five-speed gearbox rather than the Daytona's transaxle. Cylinder heads revised to accommodate side-draught carburettors enabled stylist Pininfarina to achieve an elegant, low profile bonnet line. 'In all, a graceful, clean and understated design with subtleties one discovers only by looking it over carefully. One might say this model is a Ferrari for the mature enthusiast,' observed Road & Track.

Altogether more civilised and easy to drive than the heavy Daytona, the rapid 365GTC/4 came with ZF power steering and servo-assisted brakes as standard, the option of air conditioning, and an especially luxurious interior featuring individual reclining front seats and occasional rear seats. In spite of the increasing emphasis on refinement, the 365GTC/4 gave nothing away to its rivals in the performance stakes, racing through the standing quarter mile in under 16 seconds on its way to a top speed in excess of 150mph.

By the time the model was withdrawn in October 1972, production had totalled only 500 units, making the 365GTC/4 eminently collectible today. Our car is desirable as a European LHD Example, finished in Grigio with Black leather, it is fully Classiched, Matching Numbers, Keenly priced and ready for its next owner. A great useable car at a very attractive price. It drives perfectly and it a perfect addition to any Ferrari Collection.