1970 Maserati Ghibli SS - £229,995

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This is a stunning example of one if the greatest GT cars of the late Sixties, early Seventies. It is an extremely rare, Factory Right Hand Drive, 1970 Maserati Ghibli SS, as far as we are aware there were 12 RHD SS made, 8 Coupe and 4 Spider. Our car is finished in Red with Cream Leather interior although it started life in Verde Gemma, an amazing Metallic Lime Green! This car has been comprehensively restored and is in a beautiful condition. It is not a 100 point Concours car but could be quite easily. It has an incredible service history which must surely be second to none, It is Taxed and MOT'd and ready to form the centrepiece of any collection. It has recently formed part of a very important private collection of the best classics available. 

A strong contender for the "most handsome car of the 1960s" title, Maserati's Ghibli debuted in coupe form at the Turin Motor Show in November 1966. Styled at Carrozzeria Ghia by Giorgetto Giugiaro and named after a Sahara Desert wind, the Ghibli rivaled the Ferrari Daytona for straight-line performance - its top speed was close to 275km/h (170mph) - while beating it for price. More than 4.5m long and 1.8m wide, the Ghibli occupied an inordinate amount of space for a mere two-seater, but perhaps the most startling aspect of its appearance was the height, or rather the lack of it.

Right-hand drive chassis number 1854 was originally delivered to Alec Mildren PTY Ltd, of Pacific Highway, Pymble, NSW, Australia in September 1970. Ordered in Verde Gemma (green) with Bianca (white) leather interior, the car resided in the sunny climate of Australia's New South Wales until it was shipped to the UK in 1990. MoTd that same year, it was first registered in the UK in June 1991.
From late 1994 through to May 1995 Windmill Classics carried out a body restoration at a cost of some £9,500, which included the replacement of both sills and footwell panels. The rubbers were replaced on refitting and the car fully serviced before being returned to its owner.

In 1996 the car was sent to marque specialists Bill McGrath Ltd for a strip and rebuild of the engine (£10,300) and a full mechanical and detail refreshment (£3,669). McGrath continued to maintain the car, there being further bills on file including one for rebuilds of the suspension, brakes and steering in 2000 at a cost of some £6,500.

By late 2000 the Ghibli had been sold to Maserati UK for their Heritage Collection, and during their ownership through to 2005, somewhere in the order of £10,000 was spent internally at the Maranello Egham workshops.
2004 saw the engine removed once again and returned to McGrath for a complete strip and rebuild (£18,000) while additional sums of £9,000 and £4,200 were spent on further restoring and perfecting the car, including the fitment of a stainless-steel exhaust system. In 2005 the chromework was re-plated and refitted along with new rear numberplate lights.

Since its arrival in the UK ,1854 has been enhanced in every respect and all of the foregoing information is substantiated by invoices or documents contained within the comprehensive file that accompanies it. In addition to the invoices, the file contains a copy of the cars original dispatch note; letter dated 1993 signed by Giordano Casarini of Maserati SpA, Modena confirming build details; Australian registration documents; shipping and customs documents; previous and current registration documents; expired tax discs; parts manuals and maintenance books; numerous photographs. There is a separate file of the cars provenance, engine/body rebuilds and MoTs.

Now refinished in red with tan leather upholstery, this rare right-hand drive example of the Ghibli in its ultimate and most desirable 4.9-litre SS Manual specification is in exceptionally good condition in every respect following its comprehensive restoration. It has graced the cover of Classic Cars magazine (September 2007 issue) and sits on restored and correct Campagnolo alloy wheels shod with Pirelli tyres. This is the finest Ghibli we have encountered in some time and certainly the best right-hand drive example.

This must be the last chance to buy what must be the very best example available of a very rare breed, it is fully Matching Numbers and wants for nothing. The history is incredible and it is showing 61k Kms from new.