1968 Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 Junior - £29,995

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This is one of the loveliest cars we have had for a long time, we supplied it to its previous owner about 3 years ago and he has enjoyed and improved it since then. It is a 1968 Alfa Romeo Spider 1300 Junior, one of the Boat Tail Duetto series of cars similar to the one featured in the film The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman.

Our car is  Left hand Drive version, sold new in Italy and finished in Red with a Black Interior, it is a beautifully restored car needing nothing but a new owner

A modern classic by Pininfarina, the simple yet elegant spider bodywork premiered on the 1966 Duetto would prove enduringly popular after a rather critical initial reception, lasting well into the 1990's. Under the skin, The Duetto's mechanicals were essentially those of the 105 series giulia saloon, featuring independant front suspension, a coil suspended live rear axle and four wheel disc brakes. The power unit was the 1.6 litre, 109 bhp version of Alfa's classic double overhead camshaft four as installed in the Giulia Sprint GTV. Performance fully matched the Duettos stunning looks, with 0-100km/h reachable in around 11 seconds and a top spped on 190 Kmh. Alongside the Duetto Alfa Romeo took the opportunity to offer a version of the Spider powered by the 1.3 litre giulietta engine, the 1300 Junior. Cheaper than the larger engined version the 1300 came with 103 bhp and much better fuel economy and occupied a more favourable taxation category. Many prefer the revvier, more flexible 1300 engine for fast country roads.

Our car has been fully restored, around 2013 and is now in a superb condition with the addition of headlamp covers, as per the Duetto, and has had a Top End Engine rebuild in 2017. The car now drives perfectly, has a mohiar soft top and is ready for its new owner. It comes fully UK Registered and also has an old US Title as well, as the car left Italy for the US midway through its life. We have a documentary history of where she has been throughout her life.