1966 Maserati Quattroporte I - £59,995

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Here we have a very special car.  This is a one of a kind special order Maserati Quattroporte, with ultra-rare 4.7 litre motor, manual transmission, 5000GT type knock-off Borrani wire wheels and celebrity ownership, in wonderfully honest original condition.

History of this car

According to the Maserati Classiche Certification that accompanies the car, the in-house factory build sheets list this very special Quattroporte (AM107*1068*) as having been ordered in March 1966, to a very unusual and high specification which included a 300HP 4700 engine and fabulous spoked Borrani knock-off wheels. The body was painted in Blu Sera, and although the interior was originally ordered in Rossa, the order changed to Neutra (white), and thus the leather was Connolised white by the factory to meet the owner’s wishes. Probably at this point the body colour was changed to Oro Longchamps, a complementary colour to that interior.

June of that year was offered as a completion date, but in reality the car was not ready until 7th September, when it was delivered to its first owner, a Mrs. Maura Panni of Rome, through Sport Auto Roma.

With only 679 Quattroporte 1 and 1A cars made between 1963 and 1971, the vast majority were delivered with the smaller 4.2 litre motor, infact records suggest only 71 Quattroportes of all series were manufactured with the 4.7 litre motor. Officially, the 4.7 litre engined option was made available from 1969, so *1068* could be one of the first Frua Quattroporte to be fitted with this larger engine configuration. Many of these 4.7 litre cars had the optional automatic transmission, so manual transmission cars are rare indeed.

Around 1970, *1068* was given to American artist Salvatore Scarpitta by his friend and art collector, Di Matteo from Milan, who owned a toy industry in Italy, in exchange for a painting. After using the car in Italy, Scarpitta gave it to Leo Castelli, the most influential art dealer of the 20th Century, having represented Warhol, Lichtenstein, Johns, and other iconic artists of the era, including Scarpitta. Castelli kept the car for a few years using it in Italy and France. Some time around 1976-1977 they returned the car to Scarpitta who was now living full time in the US. So on a ship it went to New York City. Being a sculptor in studies of motion, it is no wonder that Scarpitta took inspiration from the Maserati, and kept it hidden in his studio, rarely using the car.

Scarpitta passed away in 2007, and the car was purchased from his estate by a Californian gentleman in 2012. The car then found its way to the UK in 2016 wen a period of recommissioning was undertaken

The Mileage recorded is just 70,000 klms (about 43,000 miles) which is almost certainly the genuine mileage from new judging by the wear to the interior.

The previous owner begun a recommissioning programme including sonic cleaning and rebuilding of the 4 Weber carburetors, replacing fuel lines, cleaning fuel tanks and replacing brake servos. The Maserati was carefully started only after the engine had been specially lubricated as it been shut for about 10 years; the last documented work to the car being by the Di Fatta Brothers, Italian car mechanical specialists in the 1990s when they recall engine and other works were performed for Scarpitta on his beloved Maserati.

Today the car is offered with Full UK Registration with all taxes paid and with about £20,000 spent on it in the last 12 months to prepare for the UK MOT, including a body restoration and mechanical overhaul.


This is probably the only remaining original Quattroporte which has never been rusty or crashed. The Vignale made body is super straight with factory panel fit all round, and appears to have never been repaired. All panels shut with a coach built thunk and the body reeks of quality. The underside is dry and rot-free with all the original floor pans and sills in place; very rare to find a 1960s Maserati as solid as this QP.

The paintwork is a recent repaint in Oro Longchamps, likely only the second or third paint in this colour, and although the build sheets list the delivery colour as being Blu Sera, we cannot find a hint of the original colour anywhere on the car. 

The car presents very smartly and is ready to be enjoyed in it’s current driver level condition or prepared for future improvement

Most importantly, all the stainless trim, badging and lighting are present and correct, in good to excellent condition, which is something which more often than not cannot be said with these cars. The bumpers, too, are perfect and undamaged and the glass is preserved without scratches or marks. 


The engine has been recommissioned after careful lubrication and runs well, with minimal smoke. Oil and filter are new, carburetors are all overhauled and fuel lines are replaced. The gearbox selects all gears without issue and the clutch bites at the right point.

The superb wheels, so much a feature of this car, are very rare original Borrani RW3994 (including the spare)
The brake servos have also been rebuilt, The under bonnet area is not detailed but entirely correct with all the right finishes and equipment in place.


With the noted exception of later carpets, this interior is a delight – fantastically original and 100% complete bar the glove box badge. The leather is entirely original and in good clean condition, no tears and still supple. In high wear areas such as the driver’s armrest the white Connolisation is wearing thin and the rossa leather underneath is beginning to show through, which we think really adds to the unique character of this very special Quattroporte. 

The dashboard is in excellent original condition, undamaged and very sharp. All gauges are clear and unfogged, and the fragile switches are all present, correct, and undamaged. All brightwork is present and in perfect condition. 


Like the rest of the car – incredibly honest and original, complete right down to the original jacking kit, which is again a rare thing to find with these 60s Maseratis. A matching Borrani spare with tie down is present in the wheel well.


Where else can you buy a special order 1960’s Maserati for this sort of money? Enjoy as-is or use as a perfect basis for concours restoration; this is surely a must-have for the serious Maserati collector or entry-level enthusiast alike. Unrepeatable. 

Supplied with a full set of Maserati Classiche certification, copy owner’s manual and parts catalogue and a rare book on Salvatore Scarpitta.