1965 Mercedes-Benz 230SL Pagoda - £79,995

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This is a 1965 UK RHD Mercedes 230SL automatic with power steering; presented in Blue Grey Metallic with original cream MB Tex interior. The car is showing 34,000 miles on the clock.

Ever since the evocative Gullwing and its Roadster brethren, the letters SL have held special significance for Mercedes-Benz fans. Toss in the moniker ‘Pagoda’ and you have one of the most iconic classic cars of the 1960s. The company’s new Paul Bracq-designed SL gained its nickname thanks to the concave roofline of its hardtop. Yet it was first and foremost a soft-top with glorious even-handed lines, thanks to its designer’s light touch with his pencil. A new safety body – incorporating a strong passenger compartment, with energy absorbing crumple zones at either end – based on a truncated 220 floor pan was endowed with a swing axle rear end and double wishbone front suspension. Engines came in a variety of sizes, initially 2.3-litre (148bhp) then 2.5-litre (150bhp) and finally 2.8-litre (170bhp). All were 120mph cars but delivery of power was more of the smooth cruising school, than that of a tarmac shredder.The great and the good lapped them up. If ever there was a car made purposely for the beautiful people, then this is it. And today it still holds the same charming allure that it did back in period.

The previous owner aquired the car in  2015 and it has only covered 7, 000 miles under his ownership. He spent £30, 000 improving it both cosmetically and mechanically as well as getting it regularly serviced. This is backed up by receipts and invoices in the history file. The car is well travelled and lived in Texas and Southern Australia from 1984 until 2015.

The original colour was Burgundy, but it was repainted in the 1970’s to the current Mercedes blue. It had a full respray two years ago, as well as engine bay detailing and so presents very well. All rubbers and seals have been replaced, new electronic ignition added, new injectors as well as other work to the engine, coolant system etc.

The car comes with the original hardtop and a dark blue soft top which works but is a bit scruffy and has a tear as shown clearly in the photos. There is a Becker Europa with jack for ipod/ phone. This car comes with Mercedes datacard, original owner’s manual and paperwork going back to the early 80s.

This car will come with a fresh MoT for 2022. A gorgeous looking, well looked-after 60's icon in fantastic colours!