1965 Jaguar E-Type S1 4.2 Roadster LHD - £79,995

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It seems to us that Jaguar E-types are always popular, they are recognisable, beautiful, easy to run and still affordable. This is, arguably, the most desirable, certainly the most useable, version. It is a 1965 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 4.2L Roadster, a Canadian car in Left Hand Drive. It is today as it left the factory, finished in Opalescent Dark Green with Beige Leather interior and a Sand Soft Top. It is in a superb condition, albeit not freshly restored, and ready for its next owner.

Of all the many E-Type variants, it is the 'Series 1' 4.2-litre Roadster that many enthusiasts consider the most desirable, combining as it does the purity of the original concept with the superior performance of the larger engine. The 4.2-litre version of Jaguar's sensational E-Type was launched in October 1964, a more user-friendly all-synchromesh gearbox and superior Lockheed brake servo forming part of the improved specification together with the bigger, torquier engine.

Apart from '4.2' badging, the car's external appearance was unchanged but under the skin there were numerous detail improvements. These mainly concerned the cooling and electrical systems, the latter gaining an alternator and adopting the industry standard negative ground, while the interior boasted a matt black dashboard and improved seating arrangements. The top speed of around 150mph remained unchanged, the main performance gain resulting from the larger engine being improved acceleration and flexibility.

Like its 3.8-litre forbear, the 4.2-litre E-Type was built in roadster and coupé forms, and in 1966 gained an additional 2+2 coupé variant on a 9" longer wheelbase. Intended to extend the E-Type's appeal beyond the traditional sports car-buying market, the new 'family orientated' 2+2 came with improved visibility thanks to an increased glass area, more headroom, improved heating and ventilation, additional luggage space and optional Borg-Warner automatic transmission.

Our car is in its factory colours, is in a lovely, older restored, condition and drives perfectly, it is UK registered, all Taxes paid and needing nothing. It represents great value in todays market, please verify the prices of similar Series 1 cars out there.