1965 Renault 10 - £3,995

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This is a truly a rare car hardly seen gracing the UKs roads anymore. It’s a 1965 Renault 10.

During the ‘50s and ‘60s, the formula of the three-box saloon with an engine in the rear was commonplace in Europe. No doubt influenced by the success of the VW Beetle, Renault had enjoyed a run of success with their diminutive Renault 750, Dauphine and subsequent updated 8 and 10 models.

The 845cc Renault 8 arrived in 1962, an upmarket 1,108cc model arriving three years later as the Renault 10, complete with faux wood, coat hooks and padded arm rests. True to form, they were softly sprung, had incredibly comfy seats and a fair turn of speed, over 85mph given a sufficiently long road.

A cavernous boot was included up front, which really could house any number of large cases and they were practical and reliable, if a little unconventional for conservative British tastes.

This superb 1965 10 shows an unsubstantiated, but possible 52,350 miles on the clock.

Our cars bodywork is in good condition, it has obviously been shielded from the worst the British weather could throw at it. The last MOT shows no advisories. The Renault 10 was only produced with “round lights” for 2 years before being face-lifted to rectangular headlights making this car even rarer. The interior is in good condition with the seats showing little wear.

A truly French experience the Renault 10 is heaving with quirky design cues. Our car comes with a V5, brochure and two handbooks and has spent the last few years in a private collection where it has lived in a Carcoon.

The car requires no recommissioning before use it will be freshly MOTd and ready to take on a Gaelic adventure.

You won’t find another right hand drive UK supplied Renault 10 in this condition or for this price for a long time. So please be quick.