1965 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint- £24,995

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Here we have one of the finest designed cars from Alfa Romeo the Bertone penned Giulietta Sprint. With this model Alfa Romeo started the ‘small car, big performance’ formula that would characterise the Milanese marque’s offerings from then on.

Into the handsome body styled by Franco Scaglione at Bertone went a little jewel of an all alloy engine with wet cylinder sleeves, twin overhead camshafts, cylinder head with hemispheric combustion chambers and 8 ports prepared to take either a single carburettor or twin double choke Webers.

Our car has had only two owners since it has been residing in the UK and both knew each other well. The Alfa was restored for its first owner by Andrew Bremner in 1994 and the car passed to him shortly afterwards and was pressed into regular use, a ream of past MOTs show that it has covered around 4,000 miles since 2000.

The car has a wonderful patina and its 1300cc engine appears to be in rude health running smoothly and starting easily. This car could be driven as is or fully restored to concourse if the new owner feels so inclined. It has an MOT to February 2019 with no advisories recorded.

This car has an extensive history, including details of its import from Germany to Monaco in the hands of its first owner. These details of import confirm the car is matching numbers and further paperwork shows a comprehensive engine rebuild carried out in Geneva in 1969. There is also a letter from the first owner to Mr Bremner dated 1994.

A collection of invoices and notes document the 1994 rebuild and more recent invoices show work done to the car within the last few years. This includes servicing the engine, repairs to the electrical system, a front brake overhaul plus other bits and bobs at a cost of over £1,000.

This two-owner Alfa is ready for its next owner to drive and enjoy. It could be put into the garage and fettled over the upcoming winter months but there is nothing to stop it being used straight away. Alfa prices have been on the rise in the past few years and this car represents a value that must not be missed.