1964 Chrysler 300K Hardtop Coupe - £15,995

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This is a 1964 Chrysler 300K Hardtop Coupe, finished in red with cream interior and 45,000 miles on the clock.

Chrysler's trend setting 300 'letter' Series represents the American muscle-car in one of its earliest incarnations. First introduced in 1955 as part of Chrysler's all-new, Virgil Exner-designed, '100 Million Dollar Look', the first-of-the-line C-300 was intended for NASCAR racing - a formula it would dominate - and was powered by a 331.1ci (5.4-litre) version of the famous 'Hemi' V8 producing 300bhp. The hardtop coupé body style was that of the Chrysler New Yorker Newport complemented by an Imperial 'egg crate' grille, while the interior offered luxurious accommodation comparable with that of America's best. Restyled with handsome tail fins, Chrysler's luxury hot-rod became the 300-C for 1957, a convertible joining the line-up for the first time. There were only minor styling changes for '58, and the following year the 300 appeared with a 'wedge-head' V8 instead of the Hemi. Regularly restyled and updated throughout the 1960s, the 'letter' series had arrived at the 300-J by 1963, featuring all-new styling that would be carried over to the 1964 300-K range. By this time Chrysler's 'letter' series hot-rod was powered by a 413.8ci (6.8-litre) V8 producing a mighty 390bhp. Production ceased in 1965, the 300-L being the last of this highly collectible family of high-performance coupés and convertibles.

This Chrysler 300-K was purchased by the previous owner from Gesswein Motors of Milbank, South Dakota on 2nd April 2012. Notable features include factory-fitted air conditioning and power assisted steering and brakes. Accompanying documentation consists of a South Dakota Certificate of Title; the purchase order; and a copy of Gesswein's advertisement.

This head turning 300-K has been in a private collection for a number of years and drives really well, but would benefit from a full service before daily use.