1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint - £37,995

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Here we have a beautifully restored 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint, Left Hand Drive, finished in Classic Alfa Red with Black Interior. The car has been recently restored for fast road use and presents perfectly. The car has been de-bumpered, although they come with the car, and the interior has been replaced with Diamond Stitch Rally seats and looks amazing. During the restoration the engine has been upgraded with a 1600cc unit from the Giulia and the 5 Speed Gearbox, a common upgrade in period. Well over £20,000 was spent on the car last year bringing a nice car up to this standard. The bodywork has been completely rebuilt as has the engine, and the car needs for nothing now except a new owner. She is UK registered and ready for her new home.

'One of Satta's very remarkable achievements was the creation of a race of modern, mass-produced motor cars which, depending on the model, retain or improve upon the competition-bred thoroughbred qualities of Alfa Romeos of the artisan past.' - Griffith Borgeson, 'Alfa Immagini e Percorsi', 1985. 

By the time of the Giulia's introduction in 1962, Alfa Romeo's highly successful 'small car, big performance' formula, begun by the Giulietta in 1954, was well established. The Giulia is one of Alfa Romeo's many imaginative and successful designs produced under the aegis of Dr Orazio Satta Puglia, the company's esteemed Central Director. It was Satta who brought high-volume production to Alfa Romeo with the Giulietta, thereby ensuring the company's future. 

Alfa's classic twin-cam four was downsized to 1,290cc for the Series 750 Giulietta, gaining an alloy cylinder block in the process. The debutante Sprint Coupé was soon joined by Berlina and Spider versions, and then in 1959 came the ultimate Giulietta - the Sprint Speciale. These model designations and body styles were carried over into the improved 101 Series Giuliettas produced from 1959 and continued when the range was up-graded to Giulia status in 1962. Outwardly almost indistinguishable from the outgoing Giulietta, the Series 101 Giulia boasted a more powerful and much less fussy 1,570cc engine, in addition to welcome improvements to the previously feeble heating arrangements. 'Few cars can rival the 1600 Alfa for sheer driving enjoyment, and the keen driver devoting his full attention to driving it will be amply rewarded,' declared Car & Driver.

This is a beautiful example of an iconic car, with a huge history folder and a comprehensive recent restoration, powered by the 1600cc engine on twin Webers, and 5 Speed Gearbox she drives perfectly and is ready for summer!