1948 Bristol 400 Coupe - £39,995

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This is a 1948 Bristol 400 Coupe, finished in cherry red with a beige interior and 62,000 miles on the clock.

This 400 is in fantastic condition for its age, and certainly turns plenty of heads, even for those without any interest in post-war motoring. The bodywork is lovely and straight throughout, with no sign of any obviously mis-aligned panels, dents or impact damage beyond the odd minor pin mark, and certainly no broken paint on any dents that we could see. Similarly, the paintwork is in very good condition overall, though - naturally - there are some areas of wear visible, such as flat paint on the OSR wing, a couple of notable scratches and some more noticeable signs of wear. Additionally, there are a couple of patches of bubbling which we need to highlight, such as on the lower edge of the driver’s door, bonnet and around the badging, along with some bubbles from what appears to be a paintwork reaction on the roof. All of the trims and chrome details are present and correct, and are in largely fantastic condition, showing only a charming patina in keeping with the car’s overall age and mileage, along with a slight dent noted on the OSR of the bumper. Additionally, all of the glass is in excellent condition, as are the running boards and the non-standard stone guards fitted to the rear wheel arches. All four wheels are in near-pristine condition, and are wrapped in matching period-look Michelin rubber

Evidently cherished throughout its lifetime, the interior of this Bristol 400 is in astounding condition for its age and mileage. The biggest signs of wear are the scuffs on the outer edges of the driver’s seat and a few other signs of very light wear & tear. The wooden dashboard, door trims and window surrounds are all in fantastic condition, as are the various pieces of chrome trim scattered throughout the cabin, which - like the exterior - display only a mild but pleasing patina on their surface. The headliner is in excellent shape and is taut throughout with no signs of sagging and no staining noted, whilst the carpets and mats are in a similarly fantastic condition, along with the rear bench seat looking as if its barely ever been used. The luggage compartment presents well with the floor showing only some light marks. All of the instruments appear to be in full working order, with the exception of the fuel gauge which shows as empty, though upon removing the filler cap we can actually see the fuel level as being topped-off, so this will require some investigation.

Underneath the aeronautically-inspired bodywork, the frame and chassis of this 400 are in an equally impressive condition. This 73-year-old car flew through its MoT exam on the 11 June 2021 with no advisories on the first attempt. This is impressive by any standard, but considering the cars age, we’re really impressed! The car starts with ease, drives, stops, steers and rides like you’d expect from a car of this era, but does so with a reassuring confidence and impressive refinement.

The car comes with the V5 showing only four former keepers, the recent MoT certificate showing no advisory items, an invoice for new brake wheel cylinders and a brake fluid flush at a cost of £384, excerpts of history relating to the Bristol 400 and an inspection report of the car’s condition in 2018, with a previous owner stating that any of the ‘address immediately’ items were rectified at the time.

This particular 1948 example is offered in very good aesthetic and excellent mechanical condition, and is ready for the next owner to use and enjoy, with the potential to improve the car’s aesthetics to take it to the next level, should they wish to do so.